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I will not succumb to the darkness that threatens to overtake me...

... you alone can help me to live the dreams I dream

Zelda Hime
30 November 1983
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New journal at darklittleaibou

No matter how crappy your day has been, everything just seems to shine and get better when your best friend IMs you and says something that makes all the depressing feelings go away. -- nekochancutecat

DarkLittleAibou: god
DarkLittleAibou: lj user profiles are a friggin bitch ><
FrijTehLose: how so?
DarkLittleAibou: just trying to figure out what to put in it
FrijTehLose: sandwiches, cash bribes...
DarkLittleAibou: lol
FrijTehLose: it all works.

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